The Lessons of 2016


Fifty two weeks ago I was all like: "Am I really gonna do this? Commit to weekly postsWeekly?!?!"

Turns out that was a solid "Yes."

My first post this year was about the lessons of the previous year. It feels fitting to close out the year in the same way. 


And so, here are the biggies of 2016:

1. Making real room for creativity in my life leads to magic:
This Spring and Summer I spent every Friday afternoon exclusively being creative. I journaled, I did hand lettering, I painted, I shopped for beautiful things. This led to being happier, doing better work, and real clarity about a future creative project. 

2. I can let go of projects that are not working, even if I love themI had to say goodbye to an amazing work partnership this year because it was draining us both. It was an incredible idea that we knew had so much potential. It was also too much with everything else going on. Maybe it will come back one day and we both trust that. And that's OK.  

 Banking on me and what I'm naturally good at has made me so happy and better at my work: This year I decided to let go of the agency model and focus on strategy sessions, coaching and workshops. I knew I was good at teaching and helping women strategize. I also knew I wanted a business model that allowed for flexibility in my work, so I could take a vacation without worrying or just spend more time with the kiddo. I have had to trust my abilities and I haven't let myself down yet.

Trusting my instincts really is half the battle: I've found that knowing what risks to take is a combination of your heart, your head and your gut. For me, I've come to recognize a bit of fear coupled with excitement is usually a sign to seriously explore an opportunity. Then there's a sense of "stepping into" a bigger version of me that sets in and I know to move forward with whatever it is - even if I'm freakin out a bit.       

5. Saying "No" is a gorgeous, gorgeous thing: Seriously, here's how it goes (1) Know what you're about and (2) Say no to things that don't seem right for you, your business or the life you want to live. I know it can feel bad and kind of intense to say no. I also know that especially starting out it can feel like you have to jump on every client and every opportunity. Take a moment to chill and evaluate and stay true to you. You'll be making space for what you *really* love. 

I hope these resonate with you, and that they inspire as you're setting the stage for 2017.