The Follow Up

Imagine you're at an event and meet someone amazing who you know would be a dreamy client...but it's not the right time for them. You have what you hope is a truly memorable conversation and you exchange business cards. 

And then...what happens?

How often do you truly reach out again and keep that connection going? How are you making sure that they can continue to get to know you, fall in love with what you have to offer, and be sure to remember you when they're ready?  

For me, I invite them to join me in the two places I've committed to show up consistently: I ask if it's cool to add them to this newsletter and we add one another on Instagram

This is the beautiful and absolutely organic thing about content marketing. You're putting your best out into the world, consistently, and it's a gentle, sweet reminder saying:

"This is me and what I'm about. I care enough to put this out there. I'm here when you're ready."

You can then truly engage - authentically - on the platforms where your dream lead already hangs out.

And then one day when you least expect it, you'll get that "I'm ready. Let's do this." note.