Stop Waiting

Stop waiting to show people a perfect brand that's been fully vetted and is 100% ready to show the world.

That moment when you'll feel 100% ready? It never comes. Whether it's a new brand or a new product, you set a date for the launch and you just jump. You go for it. So - not unlike marriage and babies - you rarely feel 100% ready. 

But here's what else waiting does: It creates distance between you and your future customers. 

Here's the awesomeness that's possible when you invite people in to the process of you creating your brand or planning your full launch: they inevitably feel special, included, part of what you're doing in a special way, like they've been invited in to something cool, like they're part of it along with you. 

I've found that this is especially hard of a concept for creative entrepreneurs to apply, especially when they've learned only the finished product is worth sharing.  

Showing that "behind the scenes" process educates your people to learn just how much it takes to put together the finished product that they see. They see what goes into it and they learn to value what it's worth. 

Finally, you'll also have an immediate focus group of people ready to share their opinions along the way in terms of the direction things can go. You can proactively let them in on making decisions and ask for opinions along the way.

All the while increasing the connection with your future customers who can't wait to celebrate that (official) launch right with you!

Here are some sweet examples of this kind of content: