How It Works

When you're ready to move your business forward, there's nothing like being face to face, with time set aside to get some good digging deep, creating and strategizing done.
From there, the magic and brilliance flows.

The force that pushed me to entrepreneurship two years ago, after 10 years in corporate and agency life, is the same force that made it clear that my purpose is to work one-on-one with women entrepreneurs.

It's been remarkable to see the transformative impact of bringing the best strategic frameworks I know with an approach that honors that unique individual and her vision.

In one-on-one work with clients I have seen the power of: 

  • Developing a truly authentic brand 
  • Harnessing your creativity
  • Envisioning your business at your best
  • Defining clear business and marketing goals
  • Quarterly planning that fits your life
  • Gradual learning to make social media fun, strategic and second nature
  • Unique, personal and authentic content marketing

If you've been wondering what it's like to work together, I've created a media kit that describes step-by-step, exactly what it's like and the value that's waiting for you.

Whether you are starting out or leveling up, your people are out there waiting to know you and get excited about your brand.

Take a peek and download The Jupiter Circle 2016-2017 Media Kit (size: 808 kb). 

There are limited spots for coaching and strategy sessions available starting in September. I would love for us to start with a chat