Do It Together! A Group Strategy Session

The power of community and sisterhood is at the center of pretty much everything in my life - from a fun night out with friends, bonding with a group of moms at a playdate, and working with women entrepreneurs everyday. 

I grew up around powerful women that made me believe I could do anything, and I keep recreating those bonds. I have seen the amazing positive impact they have on me and the women around me. 

I'm so excited to announce that I'll be injecting a beautiful dose of community and sisterhood to my strategy sessions. Normally one-on-one, I am thrilled to introduce  The Jupiter Group Strategy Sessions. 

I am opening up 6 spots for a special Group Strategy Session on September 20th, 2016.  You will define a clear and authentic brand and come up with a strategic, realistic social media plan to show the world, build your tribe and grow your business.

I am keeping this group intimate and small because I am committed to transformation and results for everyone in the room. Learn all the details here

Here's what you'll learn and experience: 

  • Major Foundational Principles to Apply on Branding and Social Media
    • The Brand & Content Strategy Framework
      • Essential Brand Definition Fundamentals 
      • Agency Framework for Content to Apply Across Online Platforms
      • Brainstorm of Content and Engagement Opportunities for Your Brand
  • "Hot Seat" Time to Strategize for Each Woman in the Room
  • Practice Your New Social Media Strategy 

Plus, you'll be surrounded by an amazing group of women entrepreneurs in an environment of sharing, learning and transformational impact for your business.