What makes you click "Like"?

When I started college in Santo Domingo my major was Psychology. For several reasons, that career path didn't work out, but I still get to geek out on human behavior when it comes to community engagement online. 

It's fascinating to me to see what people connect with and why. I love learning about what makes us engage.

What makes us click "Like" on one post versus another?

Here are some general truths I've learned:

1. We connect through emotions:
Ever notice how you're more likely to engage when you have a strong emotional reaction to something? Whether you're sharing some hilarity like The Plantain or news that is thrilling or upsetting (Upworthy has this down), the stronger the emotion the more likely we are to react and engage.
Takeaway: Think about what feelings you want people to experience when they come across your content. Are you achieving it?

2. We connect with shared values
More and more, having an awesome product or service is not enough. We want to be aligned with the brands we support. We want to know what they stand for, what their process is, how they show up in the world. And then, if that awesomeness feels like us - we will want to be part of that. If your values are shining through, people will see you as a tiny movement that they wanna be all about! Brands like Zady and Glossier do a great job of sharing and living their values. Also, my girl Lady Savaj absolutely rocks it here.
Takeaway: Study brands or people you love on social, and think about what values you connect with. What do brand values look like for you? 

3. Nothing is more powerful than personal stories:  
This one is my favorite. And truly, it goes back to the time when we were living in caves and sitting around together - sharing stories. We crave it. People connect with people. When you let someone in to a moment in your life, a core belief, a powerful memory, a vision for your future - something frikin magical happens. This post from Elizabeth Gilbert last week broke my heart, and it's an excellent example of a storyteller sharing stories, with boundaries. There is a shared humanity in that moment. Imagine the powerful compounded effect of that. Whoa. 
Takeaway: Think about how you can incorporate stories into what you're already sharing or what you could be sharing. Make those connections deeper and those customer relationships stick to you like sprinkles on ice cream.