Speaking Up

It's been a tough week for this country. Added to all the feelings, I've been thinking about the platforms we create, and using those professional platforms as a force for good and for change.

What's our position when it comes to social justice conversations, and do those positions have a place in our brands?

I've always been involved with people, organizations and campaigns that are fighting for the kind of change I want to see in the world. I have many opinions - and I am not shy about making them known - in my *personal* social media platforms. For the most part, I've kept them outside of The Jupiter Circle.

I feel that some moments call on us to step up, speak up and use our platforms to spread a message of justice, of peace, of truth.

Last week the time came for me when *not* saying something felt inauthentic. My values of community and connection were shaking me, and I couldn't not speak up.

For me it came in the form of an Instagram post on Friday, inspired by Nadia's art.

That was a call that I made so that I could be OK with me. That was a moment in time that shook me enough to speak up.

Choosing to take a stand coming from your brand is a deeply personal decision. Ultimately it has to do with your personal convictions, who your clients are, what the potential consequences could be, and what risks and positions you feel comfortable taking. Everyone's reality is different, and there should be absolutely no judgement with which way you decide to go at the end of the day.

But in a world where we are all showing up more fully - deciding whether to speak up starts to become a question that we will all need to at least, consider.

Ultimately, I believe when enough of us make those micro-decisions to speak up with all our platforms, we just might move the needle for more justice and good in the world we live in.