Keep Showing Up

It took me a while to find the groove with my own content marketing and social media.  Yes, even for me it was hard to make time for it. Last year, I spent a good chunk of time focused on my client work and way less time on me.

Maybe that sounds familiar to you too? You're spending your days taking care of your clients or building your product and not so much on showing up online.

Here's the thing:  Consistency is the key to building a brand.

It's simple, and yet sometimes we shy away from stepping up to it. Because it takes commitment. And that is scary - whether it's with a life partner or with a business.

It means I'm here, showing up for this. I'm responsible. This is my baby, and you can trust me. I'm here. 

This newsletter is a perfect example. Earlier this year I decided to fully commit to it (finally). It means no matter what - even if I'm sick, something's going on at home, if I'm on vacation, or if I'm just exhausted from the week - that I still sit and do my absolute best to show up with authenticity and value in your life every Monday morning.

I've found that one of the best ways to keep me focused and committed is accountability. A few months ago I went to speak about branding and social media to a class of fashion students that my friend teaches. And I heard her tell her students howshe expects this email every Monday.

And suddenly those open rate metrics on Mailchimp made sense real quick. They became human. Soon after, I started getting actual replies and business inquiries from these emails, even when I'm not "selling" anything. 

And so, I know I'm accountable. And it actually feels awesome.

And I prepare. Throughout the week, I'm open to experiences and content opportunities I think could be of value to you here. And I keep showing up. I'm here.