Do people believe what you say about you?

The single most important reason I've ever heard for why branding is important is "Branding helps people believe what you say about yourself."

As Nadia and I wrapped up our third class of Branding Goldmine this weekend, it still holds true. And we break it down to this formula

Think about an influencer you admire. Someone who feels legit and amazing. 

Why do you love them? What are they great at? Why do you think they're so great?

We're all trying to get to that legitimacy that leads to more clients and more purchases. We're all trying to get to the place where not only do we rock our business and own it, but peopleknow it, they feel it, and they wanna share it with their friends and spread the awesomeness. 

This only happens if we show up as ourselves - authentically - with a clear brand and a clear understanding of our value and our place with our community. And we have to do it day in and day out - consistently.

More than anything else, social media offers the greatest platform to do just this: Show up authentically, consistently. Every day with every post you get a chance to tell your story and build that legitimacy that can sometimes feel so elusive. It's in your hands. It's one of our superpower as entrepreneurs.

I'm down to go along the ride with you.

How are you showing up authentically everyday?