What's holding us back?

It turns out that this awesomeness we've been feeling for a while in Miami now - of women going after their dreams - is real. A recent study found that Miami is one of the top five metro areas for high rates of female-owned businesses. 

So, yes! Sisters are doing it for themselves. We're grabbing our life by the horns and taking control of our futures. Hell yes. 

But here's the thing: Women's businesses are not scaling nearly as much as men's businesses. We're playing small.

There are real and unique barriers that women face, and in Miami I see new resources, communities and support everyday to help women grow their businesses.  

But I feel that we hold ourselves back too. Too often we keep it a side gig, we think of our passion business as a hobby, we can't envision ourselves absolutely killing it. It's taken me over a year to own my own vision for my success and commit to going after it. And I'm not always totally confident. I have to work on it actively, and I've found one of my tools to stay on is actually - social media. 

I love the impact that owning your brand and showing up bravely and authentically - daily - on social media can have on you to keep you focused and pushing forward towards that dream. Your BIG dream that you're playing big for, everyday.