What do you love to talk about?

Really. What gets you excited? What wakes you up? What just takes over and makes you feel like you could talk about it for hours? What do you want to tell the world?

For me it's a bunch of random things that include politics, changing gender norms, building communities, and how showing up authentically - especially on social media - brings you closer everyday to your truth and your tribe.

Last week I hosted the first Let Your Content Flow workshop, and we talked about how our natural passions feed into our brands and our content. We sometimes think we don't have anything to say, but our stories and our perspective is deep, layered and beautiful. We have so much to say. 

Below are some ideas to try to start letting your content flow:

  1. Journal freely for 10 minutes. Odds are there will be 3 - 5 posts in your words.

  2. Think about someone you met that inspired you recently. Why? How? Write about it.  

  3. Have something great to share? Challenge yourself to find 5 different ways of talking about it.

  4. Bonus: A sneak peek into our workshop - See this van? How would you caption it? Everyone in our class had a different way of expressing what this van meant to them. What's yours? (If you actually wanna reply me with your caption - it would be dreamy!)