Trust Your Awesome

This past week I was coaching a new friend over Skype on how to create amazing and consistent social media content. She's a phenomenal writer and a charming, super smart and strategic girlboss. Her website content is spot on, and I kept pushing her on turning that creative process into an everyday experience on social media. But there was resistance. 

Finally she said: "But, why would anyone care? Why do people want to know what I think or what I'm doing?" 

It's hard for us to see how much we have to offer when we are just starting our business. It's easy to lose sight of it even well into your business. But here's the awesome part: we are also free to show up fully and attract our customers with all of who we are.  

A big part of how your people will get to know you is through your sharing - what you know, how you feel about things, what your life is like, and yes - the kind of impact that you can make in people's lives through your work. 

Think about your clients and the things that you've been praised for. What have people told you is unique about you and how you bring your magic to the table? When I asked my friend, she explained it so eloquently with the knowing grin of someone who's about to rock it. 

There is something special you have to offer and people will love it. But they won't find out about you if you don't trust it and put yourself out there. 

In the end,  I asked her to write "Trust Your Awesome" in a Post-it, and to leave it around until it sinks in and she can own it, fully. 

How do you remind yourself to trust your own awesome?