Dig Deep and Show the World

When I became an entrepreneur, I quickly realized this experience would challenge me in so many ways beyond the essential "Ok, now how do I run a business?"

It tests your mindset, your drive, your confidence, your commitment. There is so much to learn about positioning yourself and finding your customers. It can all feel so. damn. overwhelming. 

Recently, in one of my strategy meetings with Nadia Payan forBranding Goldmine - we broke this essential entrepreneurial journey down to two major parts: Dig Deep & Show the World

Dig Deep: 


Let's get real. When you know exactly what your brand is, you outline a clear vision, you know why you started it and what drives you to push it forward and how - that's like a natural high everyday. It pushes your business forward with the sweetest momentum. It feels truly yours, and you can own it with a clear approach and strategy. This introspection and brand definition is foundational and essential.

Show the World: 


There are so many platforms available, so many options for your visual identity, and so many opportunities to reach your people with content marketing. How do you choose a path? It's essential to understand your business and your strategy - as well as understand the options - so you can define your plan. Only then can you show the world this incredible brand you're bringing to life.

Nadia and I have designed Branding Goldmine, The Workshopbased on this structure. Day 1 you dig deep and do the inner work to define a truly authentic brand that fuels your soul and your business. Day 2 you learn photography, visual brand identity and social media to rock it and show the world.

It takes place this weekend (June 25 & 26) and this is the last time we'll host Branding Goldmine: The Workshop until 2017. If you're feeling called to be in the room, we have a few spots left, and we would love to see you there. Save your spot and get your ticket here. Dig deep and learn to Show the World in one weekend. Let's do this.

We'll guide you every step of the way...