Take a few steps down the spectrum with me

OK, take a minute and look at your social media feeds...

  • How much of your personal life are you bringing into your brand?
  • How much of your personality is shining through?
  • How many comments and conversations are you inspiring every week?

Here's the thing: Providing an outstanding service or product is not enough. Content marketing has changed how brands connect with people everyday. And you need customers to connect deeper. People connect with people. And a big way to start that connection is to be more open and fully yourself across content platforms. 

This is the part when a lot of people freak out.

It truly doesn't come naturally to many of us. 

One way to start to think about it is a spectrum. One one end is a nameless institution with no personality and on the other end is someone over sharing every waking moment and feeling.

There is power in playing in the middle, and trying to move to the right, without oversharing. That's what people connect with - truly. That's what will have people coming back for more and wanting to support you - in ALL you do.

Here's a quick exercise to get started:

  1. Define the top five people you admire on social media.
  2. Look at what they share on their feeds, how they connect, how are they shinning through?
  3. What does your version of that look like? How? Why?

To the extent you get clearer, you can start playing with it, opening up and connecting with your people!