Proudly standing as a "Miami Girl"

When I first moved to Miami in February 2012, I bought into all of the negative stereotypes of what Miami was like. After eight years in my Brooklyn bubble, I was convinced I would come here and find only a superficial community of clubbers whose biggest concern was their physical appearance and finding the money for fancy cars and popping bottles. 

And then, the stereotype got old. And I finally decided to truly make Miami home. I decided if there were five cool people here I would find them and befriend them all. 

Through groups like the WMN Facebook group and New Leaders Council Miami, I quickly started meeting "my people" and all kinds of fascinating, smart, amazing, inspiring badass people and WOMEN everywhere.

"Miami Girls" ended up being a much deeper, more layered and beautiful concept. Enter the amazing Ekaterina Jukowski of the Miami Girls Foundation. She is on a mission to change the current definition of what it means to be a "Miami Girl", so we can start changing stereotypes and perceptions by featuring real Miami women making a difference in their communities. She called and I am beyond honored and humbled to do my part in helping to change that. 


All you have to do is take one second to look beneath the Miami club scene surface and stereotypes, to see the remarkable women that are making a huge difference, shaping this town in meaningful ways and proudly calling themselves "Miami Girls." I work with women like these everyday, and I'm so proud to be part of this project.