Bring Spacey to Miami? Let's do it.

Every since I was a little girl, I have felt deeply called to fight for things that I believe to be just and right. My mom would blame it on my being a Libra and the scales of justive. I believe it also has to do with growing up in a home where conversations about society, justice and fairness were commonplace. 

Cut to me as a grown up, feeling called to work on projects that fuel my soul and that sense of what's right and fair. 

Recently, I was with a friend who is involved with the revival of the Coconut Grove Playhouse. This historic Miami cultural institution has been sitting there abandoned for 10 years. For many reasons its revival hinged upon a number of factors including Miami-Dade County buying into and supporting this revival. 

Oh and did I mention the amazing Kevin Spacey has been exploring getting more deeply involved in this project? Yeah. Kevin Spacey, potentially IN Miami. 

The question was - how can we generate interest and support for the Coconut Grove Playhouse and show that there is a strong interest in the community for its full revival and restoration?

So the idea was born. What if (through admittedly bad and humorous photoshops) we show Miami what it would be like if the incomparable Kevin Spacey was already here? If he was building a life in the 305. What would that look like? 

Court side tickets at the Heat game next to DJ Khaled. Cooking up some pierna in Hialeah. Waiting in line at LIV. All as part of a social media campaign to bring awareness back to the playhouse. 

Even The New Tropic picked up on the story and we have 1,200+ signatures going strong. The comments alone will grab your heart.  

We've got a community of people dedicated to seeing this playhouse alive again on Instagram and Twitter. See you there!