Back at Filling Station Lofts! The Jupiter Circle Workshop Series

One of my favorite communities on the planet is the Arts and Entertainment District. Somehow you can always count on an incredible group of creative entrepreneurs with fascinating projects and ideas to share. Last year I was so lucky to host the first Social Media Workshop series here at Filling Station Lofts and was so thrilled to be invited back. 

This year we'll feature one real-life brand and talk through branding and social media best practices through the lived experiences of an entrepreneur telling that story in the room. 

And I couldn't believe my lucky starts who I was paired up with first: the incredible Hugette Montesinos from DISfunkshion Magazine shared her inspiring story and the strategies to define and stay true to a brand that is truly yours. Huguette set the tone for a true commitment to the feel, look, value and purpose of the brand and has guarded that above everything else. 

Check the presentation here

All photos by Mason Liang Photography