Yaaas, you can be a star (Your own way!)

This week I strategized with two different women who are SO ready to step into their light.

They have been in business for years. 
They are successful, but feel stuck. 
They are both called to brand under their own name.
Their vision is bigger than one project.
They see all their ideas under one (deeply personal) value-driven vision.  
They are ready to fully show up for themselves and their communities.

They're also hesitant to come off as "show-offy" or full of themselves.

It's becoming abundantly clear I don't really attract divas! It's been such a beautiful process to coach these women through understanding that:  


"You can do being a *star* in your own way."  

Answering the call to step up into a higher vision of yourself (as a star) can actually be incredibly humbling and selfless. Everyone I've met that feels it, usually has something pretty amazing to offer and we all benefit from seeing it come to life.

No one gets to dictate how you show up. The key is to do it as you are and have the courage and vulnerability to do so. If you are a humble, giving, generous person with kickass value to offer your community - no one will mind your name and photo at the top. No one will mind you taking on the keynote speech spot. 

To the contrary, we will all welcome it and cheer you on. You'll be giving us a chance to see a little bit of ourselves in you. I can hardly think of anything more beautiful, humbling and connecting than that. 

Go on, star ;)