Life Planning for 2017

On Friday I went to a full-day Mastermind 2017 planning experience hosted by Luly B (I heart her so, so much).

A group of 18 women entrepreneurs gathered make 2017 a phenomenal year for their business. I had already done some of my own reflections and was ready to set a clear plan of action.

In a profoundly wise move, Luly led us in spending a good chunk of time on Friday "LIFE planning": getting clear on how we're spending our time, energy and attention, and the structure and support systems we have and need in our lives. If we don't have this down, we would be lucky to accomplish even a third of our fabulous business plan.

To me, this also means getting clear on my fears, the things I do to self-sabotage, how I celebrate wins, getting to know myself and honoring when I'm being reflective or creative, trusting my intuition, and having an accountability buddy that sees you and is ready to lovingly call you out. (Hi, Nadia). 

I urge you to fit some Life Planning into your goals for 2017, in a way that serves your full life and your business. So much about authentic branding is being real and sharing your full journey, in your own way. Let social and your brand be tools to show your realness, build community and stay on track with your goals.