What I "should have" accomplished by now

I'm recently obsessed with a book called "In the Company of Women" by Design*Sponge's Grace Bonney. It features 100 inspiring, diverse, uplifting stories of women who went after their dreams. I noticed recently, one thing the features do not show is their age.

Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, the older I get I find myself having to battle harder against the pressure of what I should have achieved by now in my professional and personal life.

Simultaneously, I'm also embracing that I feel wiser, closer to myself, I give less f**ks and I'm closer to my sacred feminine than ever.

In this book, the women featured have all accomplished phenomenal ventures. Some of them are in their twenties, and some started empires at 59. 


The thing that makes this book magic is it manages to bring out their bold, confident, daring spirit. They believe in themselves so hard it's beautiful. 

And the question of when this happened in their lives is such an afterthought.

It helps me to remember that Julia Childs started cooking at 37 and Vera Wang opened her design salon at 41. My own mom started her consulting business a couple of years ago. Sheryl Sandberg says "careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder." There is no set path anymore. Set paths are boring. 

As we approach a new year, here's to shedding conventional norms of what we "should be" doing now. Here's to going with our creative flow, staying true to ourselves and creating our own beautiful path along the way.