Do It Yourself or Hire Out?

As an entrepreneur, deciding whether you take on your own social media or you hire someone else to do it for you is one of the major decisions you need to make. 

There's lots of ways we can think about this. I like to start with an understanding of what makes a social media presence amazing:

  • It reflects your true unique brand essence and personality.
  • It feels personal and like there are real connections happening
  • It's smart about maintaining client relationships and brings in consistent business.

In most cases for entrepreneurs, I'm firmly on the side of advocating that you and/ or  your team are the best people to create content and engage for your own social media.

It's much harder for an agency to capture your vibe and tone and reflect that. On top of that, with Instagram Stories and Facebook Live, social media is moving towards demanding an immediacy that can be best executed by you and your team. 

So much of the time, the stuff I see from agencies seems watered down, vanilla, and like anyone could have written it for anybody. It's like they're just checking the box and doing the minimum. And that sucks. 

You're better than that.

This is why I restructured my business to go from an agency to coaching and strategy. I saw the potential, magic and excitement in the women entrepreneurs I was meeting already.

I feel called to help you see it and bring it to the world in a way that you look forward to it.

My goal is to make this fun, interesting and energizing for you. The moment you start to see the leads and purchases coming from social media - that is the sweet icing on the cake.