The Only Metric That Really Matters

How important are total followers to you? 

Yes, you want an audience for your content. But let's take a step back and think about what we're really doing on social media. 

You are on social media because you want to be able to connect with real humans that will learn about you and love it and run and tell all their friends about how amazing you are. This way they'll hire you, buy your product, consume your content, come to your events. 

Social media is about engaging real people. You want those real people to become advocates and loyal followers of you and this brand. 

So instead of stressing about total followers, I always focus on the engagement rate.

Of the total people who saw my content, how many actually Liked, Shared, Commented, Mentioned, Regramed, Retweeted, Replied, Direct Messaged me, Opened and Read this Email?

Please understand that percentage is the only thing that really matters. As you grow your total followers and that percentage stays steady or grows too, your total "real fans" will also grow. 

A big number of followers is meaningless without the relationships.

So today, and everyday, spend a few minutes using social media to engage with people. Make a new friend digging through a hashtag you love. Respond to every single person that engaged with you today. Invite someone to join your Facebook group. Make a new friend on Twitter.

Better than an instant sale, you'll be starting a real customer relationship.