Stuck On Process

Last week I had several conversations about what it takes to integrate social media into your business as a real marketing channel. And I encountered resistance - not to the strategies or the direction - but to the process and the perceived workload

When I started working with entrepreneurs one of my biggest goals was to distill the essential principles of social media. I wanted to come up with a process that was realistic and would work for one - already very busy - entrepreneur. 

So you don't have to freak out about process or workload. It ispossible to rock your social media even with a few hours a week. Now, how you spend those hours can be customized to you and your success. 

Here are some important questions to ask yourself: 

1. What are you already doing on social media? 
What platforms are you hanging out in and who are you engaging? What kind of content are you already creating? Whatever it is, think of capitalizing on this when checking against your strategy. If you're already doing it, you're much more likely to keep doing it. 

2. What are you naturally good at?
Do you take great photos? Are you a natural on video? Do you love to write? Are your friends always telling you how witty and funny your tweets are? When you use your natural talents as the hook you'll be known for - you'll be excited to keep creating awesome content and motivated to do so. 

3. Choose a time to focus.
Are you a morning person or a late evening person? When do you feel most creative? Whenever it is, pick a day and time of the week and block out 1 - 2 hours to create content for your brand. This one is a non-negotiable. You need time to focus so you can keep your goals and unique approach in mind as you're creating content. You need time to take a step back and look at the full story you are telling. 

I'm curious - what's your process for creating social media content? Does it ever overwhelm you? How do you make it work?