Resolutions: A New Vision for The Jupiter Circle

I'm turning 36 this week. It's another personal new year. As I sit here, I'm balancing the weight of society's expectations of what you're "supposed" to accomplish by now, with my excitement over growing older and my deep knowing that with every year I'm more tapped into who I truly am and the the timeless wisdom of the feminine

Popular wisdom proclaims that the older we get, the less f*cks we give. I have to agree. What that means to me is that we get closer to ourselves and what's really important. We've fallen a few times - in business, love, life. We've learned. We've gotten back up. And there is a grounded, profound beauty in that. 

Why am I sharing all of this?

Because I think that sharing why I do what I do in this space is as important as sharing strategies and what I'm up to. There is incredible power in the why. Ultimately, why you do what you do is at the core of why people will buy into you too.

The Jupiter Circle is evolving into a vision I never could have pictured when I launched in January 2015.

I feel called to help women starting out or getting a new start with their businesses. I feel an urgency to have conversations about joy and purpose because those are the things that will make us want to do the work that makes the vision come true. I want to host more intimate, impactful workshops that transform and set a foundation for your brand and social strategy.


October will be jam packed with amazing events that are free with your RSVP.

On November 17th I'm hosting the next Jupiter Group Strategysession. And there are only 5 spots left.

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