In Defense of Fluff

Here's something I couldn't fully wrap my head around when I became an entrepreneur - how much everything would be based on my mindset. Some people call these conversations "fluff."

It's been two years and I still have a moment every morning when it hits me - "It's on me" - How I'm feeding my kid, paying my bills, hustling for my business, meeting people, following up, coming up with new ideas. It is all on me. 

Especially after years of working for other people - that can be daunting. It can scare the crap out of you and at times, completely overwhelm and derail you. 

And so in those moments you have to hang on to something to get you back in the right mindset. And it has to be solid, and connect you with the reason you started this in the first place. To me, there's nothing more powerful for this than the rightauthentic brand foundation.

When you've defined a clear brand - statement, pillars, vision - you know what's up and it's the best motivator. It's like fuel that keeps you going and with the right mindset to push through and completely kick ass everyday.

Strategy and tactics are important, but they won't get you anywhere without your brand foundation.