When sharing comes easy

I didn't have an email address until 1999 when I moved to the U.S. I never joined MySpace. I didn't open a Facebook account until 2007. I see how easy and second-nature sharing online is for others - especially younger people who grew up with the internet - and I know it wasn't always the case for me. 

The truth is that sharing online - whether it's for your personal life or your brand - can be hard for so many of us. I've worked with women in their early 20's and grandmothers for whom sharing feels so strange. For many, sharing their lives online feels unnatural, forced and like an invasion of privacy. I get it. 

Here's something that turned things around completely for me: I shifted the way I thought about sharing online:

  • Instead of focusing on an "audience" or "customers", I thought about how I would share something with friends. 
  • Instead of focusing too much on selling, I started listening to other people a lot more - what got them excited, what they wanted and needed.
  • Instead of focusing on how many followers I had, I thought about the fewer, quality relationships I was making.
  • Instead of stressing about competition or what people would think, I focused on being myself and trusting that the people around me want me to succeed. 

This made the social media platforms where I choose to hang out (Instagram and Facebook) such a joy to spend time in!

It became my virtual living room where I would see the people I love and make new friends. And I can still show up with all the value I know I bring. And the people that will want to jam with me will be there and find me too.  

Is sharing online easy for you? Or does it feel like you have to put in some extra effort?