The most important thing I learned in 2015

Last year was my first year as an entrepreneur. As someone who never imagined herself without a steady employer paycheck - this was particularly scary. There were a million ups and downs. And the ups were more frequent and more dreamy than I ever could have imagined.

I credit much of my success to one thing: Getting Real With Myself

(Hello, authenticity!) 

I did the personal development work (from journaling to hypnotherapy!) and reconnected with the truest parts of me. Every day, I got clearer on who I am, what I want, and what my path is. 

Getting back to this joy (Me, circa 1986). 

Getting back to this joy (Me, circa 1986). 

Today, I have the clarity to focus on my happy and deeply fulfilled place - working with talented and driven women entrepreneurs. I am committed to empower women to thrive in their business through defining their brand, finding their voice and engaging authentically. 

Here's why this is all important for your BUSINESS. The results of your personal development work as an entrepreneur show up front and center in many aspects, most notably your BRAND and your CONTENT. 

Authenticity brings you to your truth, and is reflected like a mirror in what you share on social media, the energy behind your online interactions and how you STAND OUT on those feeds.  

Here are the specific real-life angels that I visited last year on this path: 

Honorary mention to the incomparable Nadia Payan. My 'adopted' sister who can hold space like nobody's business. 

Wishing you wonderful adventures and awesomeness in 2016!