Open Up.

There's a theme that keeps coming up when I work with entrepreneurs. And it's a hesitation to open up on social media and let people in.

In a world of too many selfies and TMI, it's not surprising opening up can turn people off.  There are often legitimate concerns about privacy and not everyone is ready to lay that vulnerability down and pair it with a witty hashtag.

But here's the thing. Opening up is truly the only way your truth and value will shine and connect with your tribe. As an entrepreneur, you are your brand. And just like you sit at dinner in fantastic conversation with friends - you can recreate this experience with your tribe online. And you can do it your way. 

Here are some tips to get started: 

Identify people you admire on social media. What do they post? How do they word things? What does your version of that look like? Would you feel comfortable with it? What new ideas does that spark?

Get creative with how you present yourself. Instead of a selfie, perhaps your outfit of the day. Not comfortable with a photo hugging the boyfriend? Why not a photo of the two plane tickets before you jet off on a fantastic trip?  

Journal Do it freely and without judgement. Then look at your social media presence and think whether you are really shinning through in what you are sharing. How can you bring more of you into your content?

You can convincingly talk about the value of your product or service online - but people will ultimately decide that they trust and want to work with you. Being a real person with a personality brings you business. 

And when you open up authentically, it's like a magnet for your tribe.