Get Your Social (Media) On

Since launching this agency earlier this year, the one word I hear over and over again when I talk to entrepreneurs about social media is "overwhelming." 

Being an entrepreneur myself and knowing how tough it is to suddenly wear all the hats for your business, even I can understand where the frustration is coming from. Add to that an ever-complicated landscape of new platforms, trends calling for more video content and Facebook for brands changing the game for all of us.  

Here's the thing. Your ideal customers who would love to know you and what you're about are still there - hanging out on social media. They are browsing through hashtags on Instagram, tweeting about your industry and searching for your competitors on Facebook. So what do you do?


You figure out what you want from social media and what's the best way to accomplish it. You understand your unique value and point of view. You get a real plan that you will actually implement. You vow to Get Your Social Media On again and you Focus. You focus purposeful energy and effort in the platform(s) that make sense for you, with content that actually get your tribe excited about you. 

The "overwhelming" melts away.

And you're left with a strategic and realistic social media practice that is driving leads and long-term customer relationships for your business. That's something we can all make time for.