Live Your Brand.

Ever gone speed-dating? 

Imagine that with a lot more people, and instead of a hot date you wind up with invaluable information on digital marketing, from podcasting to strategic branding. 

 This week I was part of #MiamiGetSocial, a Social Media Speed Networking event organized by the talented and lovely Dr. Nancy RichmondKarla Campos and Ili Simhi for local marketing professionals, students and small business owners. Alongside the fab Adriana Serna, I led the conversation on Strategic Branding, and immediately everyone seemed to wanta definition. 

Once you are clear about your brand - your special magic, sauce, value - it’s about HOW that comes alive. How do you embody that brand everyday?

When you are clear about your brand, and you’re ready to live it authentically - social platforms offer an opportunity to connect with your people everyday in a way that is true to that brand.

The steps to get your Strategic Branding game on are simple: 

1) Get clear about your brand & define your brand pillars.What makes you unique in the way you do what you do and why you do it. Then distill to the 4 - 5 attributes and values that represent what your brand is about. 

2) Embody that brand in all aspects of your life and your business. This includes the partners you choose, the way you treat your employees, the care you offer your clients, the promises you make and the environment you create. 

3) Live it on social. After “1” and “2”, look at your social media feeds. Do they reflect the values and environment that you're about? Do they align with your pillars? Don’t be afraid to get creative about all the ways you could do this. Someone at our table owns a construction company and they decided to feature the people that work there at all levels - telling their personal stories on social media. This is a strong reflection of his brand pillars. It says that they value their employees and that this is the kind of place where people take pride in what they do. Anyone who wouldn’t feel strongly about that would hesitate before shining a spotlight on their people.

How about you? How does your social media presence authentically reflect your brand?