When your path changes

Mastermind Session

Mastermind Session

At some point in the Summer last year, I stopped being 100% consistent with my newsletter. After 2.5 years of solidly showing up...I felt a bit lost when I tried to write - which had never happened to me before. 

You see, 2018 was the year I fully stepped into my business as "myself".

The backstory: In 2009, I began doing Communications and Marketing work because I wanted to work at my dream non-profit, Planned Parenthood Federation of America in NYC. I took a 50% pay cut to handle online communications with Latinos and it was one of the best decisions of my life.

"Marketing" was ultimately circumstantial in my life. It was a means to an end. Soon after, agency life followed - in NYC and in Miami. When I started my business, it was a social media agency. When I started coaching women entrepreneurs and teaching workshops it was in Communications, Marketing, Branding, Social Media. Many of you have been along for the ride since those days in 2015.

Last year something massive happened. I dove deep into hosting masterminds. They were originally intended to be a space to help women "tell their story". Along the way, something pretty magical happened. We began talking about shadow work, setting intentions, manifesting, confidence, knowing your purpose and your truth - alongside conversations about business, strategy, and growth. 

This went far beyond Marketing, and it rattled me. Am I a Business Coach now? Am I one of those "Soul of your Business" people? One thing was for sure, I changed and I wasn't thinking about rebrand myself. Instead I jumped into projects that fed my soul - fully as me - like starting a new women entrepreneur community, and longer, more transformational mastermind experiences. The changes were still happening. 

This December it all became crystal clear and became solidified. I am excited to share the details with you all in the next email (in two weeks). In the meantime, I'll share this: A client told me this past Summer that I was the Madrina (godmother) of women entrepreneurs in Miami, and it sparked a full self rediscovery. More to come soon. 

If you're going through a transformation, or your business does not look like what you planned, remember that you get to do whatever you want. It's YOUR business. You get to have a transition period, you get to have a time when everything isn't perfectly branded, you get to take time off from being super public, and you get to be open to whatever that new version of you looks like. 

It's taken me six months, and I'm so glad I listened.  

Happy 2019, friends!

The annual lessons post

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

I’m writing this from Santo Domingo. It’s fitting that I’m closing out this year in the land where I grew up, deep in my roots. 

I feel like I was riding a wave this whole year, trying my hardest to lead it a certain way. I am only now understanding the journey of 2018. 

This year I moved into a little house that I love with my son. I made masterminds a cornerstone of my business. I started Las Comadres. I sold out my first online mastermind. I traveled most of the Summer, and saw dear old friends. 

I also ended a relationship with a man I thought I would marry. I dug deep this year and did THE WORK at another level. I died 1,000 times with ancestral healing work in a sister circle. I shifted and aligned my behavior with my intentions with deep spiritual and personal development work. It hurt and I struggled. I connected to my bruja roots and embraced them head on. Gracias eternas, Ogún

About that wave I thought I was directing myself? I wasn’t. It’s no wonder my word for 2019 is Surrender. 

And so...here are my lessons of 2018: 

If you want A, don’t say yes to B.  (Assuming B is a shittier version of A). If you do, you’re cheating yourself, and the universe keeps sending you more of B. Apply to relationships, clients, money, etc. 

Money is energy. You can attract as much as you’re ready for. Once this clicks you stop being afraid of it. It’s absolutely revolutionary. 

People will seek you out for being YOU. The more you are playing to your gifts and your talents, the more you will attract dream clients, partners, etc. 

ACKNOWLEDGE the blessings in your life to receive more. The good things in your life? They are not random. Receive AND acknowledge them. You’ll stay in the vibration of receiving more. 

Community is EVERYTHING. It holds us together. It is sacred. I knew this before, but wow did I confirm it this year. Las Comadres is such a haven and keeps us feeling seen, supported, and inspired. 

Constructive feedback is the best way to GROW.  The people that truly love you will give it to you straight. Friends did this for me this year. It hurt my ego and my heart embraced it. Luckily, my heart won. 

I can be IMPERFECT and still SHOW UP. I don’t have to be “healed” or “perfect” to be deserving and worthy. I already am. I get to simply keep showing up – for myself, my son, my community, for love – scared, flawed, unsure and faithful. 

That was 2018. I’m dizzy and smiling, as my island embraces me at this moment. I don’t get it all just yet, and that’s cool. I’m still here. 

I would love to hear from you.

What were your lessons of 2018? What lessons sunk in this year for good?

The Thing that Changed Everything

Mastermind Session

Mastermind Session

In January 2017 I was looking for something. I knew I needed help to continue to grow my business, but I didn't know what it was. At the time, I had a conversation with a friend who is also an entrepreneur, and she was feeling the same way. We couldn't think of any coaches in that moment that we wanted to work with. And so, we decided to do it for ourselves. 

We got 4 other women to join us. These were all women who were equally as excited to grow their businesses, with good vibes, shared our values, and were ready to participate and commit to a few months. We began meeting monthly for about 4 hours each time. We took turns strategizing, clearing and planning. It was an absolute game-changer for me. 

From that mastermind, I let myself fully dive into energy work and incorporate it into my business. Out of that mastermind, I started bringing in a more solid and steady monthly income. I felt like I could exhale and not be a little stressed every month for the first time since becoming an entrepreneur. 

As women, we're drawn to these kinds of circles. There's big magic in the room when women come together. It really is amplified.  

When you're in the right mastermind - with the women, the structure, the accountability, the support, the insights, the creativity, the guidance that you need - I believe it can be the experience that turns everything around and takes you to a completely different level for you and your business. 

Interested in learning more about our masterminds starting in January 2019? Let’s chat!

What do I need right now, clarity or strategy?


Previously I shared the (admittedly insane) story of how quickly I decided to become an entrepreneur, and how I learned to see investing in myself for my business as an alternative to "going back to school". 

Soon I learned that I had two major needs when it came to my business. I've brought on coaches depending on what I need in a particular season: 

Sometimes, I needed more clarity to figure out exactly what I wanted, what I needed to create, what was my purpose, my calling? How could I get in touch with my intuition to make decisions about what was right for me? How could I flow through my days with rituals that reinforce my intention and my power. 

In those moments, I hired healers, I went to readings, I took the Creative Insight Journey course with Jennifer Grace. I joined programs that would help me connect to my divine feminine power with Dr. Katherine Coder

Right now, I'm deepening my spiritual connection and power and bringing it full force to my community and business. I've been working with Lara-Rose Duong, aka "The Rich Witch". 

Some other times, I had a clear goal of solid transformation. I had a crystal clear picture of exactly where I wanted to be. In those moments, I have skyrocketed with the right business coach. 

This was the case last year for me. After knowing Luly B. for a year, I came to her and told her we needed to work 1-1. I already knew it was happening, and I secretly prayed it wouldn't bankrupt me (it didn't!), because I had already decided it was happening. My business took a decidedly new chapter working with her. I came with an agenda every time, I got the work done. 

I realized that I'm wired to experience and guide women through BOTH clarity and strategy, which is why every program I create flows through both of these seamlessly. We'll be discussing how you face your shadow and resistance with money, and immediately defining a step-by-step, multi-layered marketing plan to launch your new service.

There are a few limited spots for an online and an in-person mastermind I'm starting in January. Let me know if you’re interested in learning more!

(Part II)

How I decide on working with a coach


When I started this business four years ago, I had worked in corporate and advertising agencies for 12 years. My decision to start the business happened in exactly five crazy minutes when I quit a horrible job. 

I had no idea what I was stepping into. I wasn't following one single business coach. I had no savings, and no plan. I just knew I would never have another "job" again.

The thing that no one told me was that I would need to invest in myself. I was overwhelmed at how much I would need to learn about actually running a business. I thought "I'm good at what I do. I'll start an agency, and I'll be alright."

That was only the beginning. The past four years have been an education. I've learned more than I did the previous 12 (by far!). I learned early on that i wasn't going to get to where I wanted by myself. I learned that I needed a guide - someone who had been through this before, someone who could hold my hand through this and help me set some real structure and goals for my business.

I learned to think of it as a form of higher education. I *could* go back to school for entrepreneurship OR I could bring on the right people as partners with me in building up to my dream. I could engage in this as an experiential school where I am able to strategize, learn, practice, and report back - rather than just simply sitting through lectures at school. 

(Part I)

When to use Strategy or Intuition?

Sometimes we get stuck, because this is not something we'll solve "with our head".

Have you ever felt resistance to moving forward with an idea, a project, a launch for your business?

I've learned that this is a time to sit and listen.

Many times we are moving forward with projects because it's what everyone else is doing, it's what we're "supposed" to do, it's the seemingly logical next step. And yet, we're stuck...we don't seem to want to move forward with it. 

That resistance is often a warning that this next step is not for us. 

So much of the work in our masterminds is about asking the questions that resonate with your intuition and invite that reflection. It's a moment that has saved women from starting the wrong businesses, spending entirely too much energy on a particular service or offering that doesn't really work for them, jumping in on the wrong partnership or collaboration. 

That moment always brings an immense amount of relief. Suddenly, it's like a load has been lifted off their shoulders. Soon after they're able to see clearly, and the strategy and action flows naturally in the right direction. 

Letting your intuition guide you is like a muscle. This is exactly the kind of work we dive into in our Abundant Soul, in-person mastermind

I am so proud to announce the Abundant Soul (in-person) mastermind for 2019 is open for registration. 

This will be a transformational experience for six women ready to bring their soul into their business and flow with their strategies from their truth and intuitively guided. 

Each mastermind group is limited to six women entrepreneurs. You can learn all about our program right here. 

You can learn all about this program right here. I would love for us to hop on the phone about it soon. Find a time to chat right here


Is 2019 your year to LAUNCH?

02_23012_full (1).jpg

Going from side hustle to boss

It happened so organically. Patty, Laura and I were talking about the shared frustrations we hear from the women entrepreneurs we work with. We realized that between the three of us, we have all the pieces (Marketing, Sales, Accounting + Budgeting) they need to succeed in running their businesses. 

And so, LAUNCH was born, a one-year program to set a strong foundation, a clear vision and a kickass business plan that supports you with a sustainable business that is true to you.

Every month we will have a special workshop, coaching, and the accountability you need to (really and finally) do this. 

learn ALL about LAUNCH here.


One more thing! Come to our party?  

We would love to invite you to a special party on Friday, October 5th to learn more about LAUNCH, meet other women entrepreneurs, and dive in with us.

Save your spot right here

I'll do it later...


My clients often say that they love the vibe of the women I bring together. They are soulful, passionate, purpose-driven women who want to bring beauty and connection into the world.
As in every community, there are some women who are really active within the group, and there are some who purposely chime in from time to time.
Finally, there are the women who are quietly waiting for the right moment to make their moves. They’re reading newsletters and Instagram posts. They haven’t really talked about the thing they wanna do. They are waiting.
This is a love note to you.
I believe in divine timing. I know what it’s like to know it is the right time to make a big move.
But I’ve also seen how waiting can be the thing that indefinitely holds us back. Waiting can be our downfall.
So many of us are waiting for a feeling, a sense of security, a sign, enough money, enough time to do what we know in our heart we really want to do.
Here’s the thing – that magic moment never comes.
All of us who crossed to the other side of entrepreneurship, we did it scared shitless.
We closed our eyes and we jumped. We have good days and we have hard days. For most of us, when we look at the big picture, the alternative of going back to our old life is no longer an option. You keep pushing, you have a supportive community along with you, you get wiser, you take leaps. You fall. You get up. You keep going. It gets so much easier.
The fear never fully goes away. But damn, when you take this leap to follow your dreams you feel unstoppable. You feel like you can do anything. You stop hiding and you find SO. MUCH. STRENGTH.
So this is my invitation to you. Stop just reading and dreaming and start DOING the thing. Register for an LLC, offer your services to a friend to practice, make your first piece of art. Whatever your thing is, take action, queen.

How to make decisions without freaking out (Updates on the Abundant Soul Mastermind)

Announcing and bringing to life this online mastermind has felt like birthing a baby.  I have felt the love and support from you all incredible souls, and I have felt so much enthusiasm in anticipation of this experience.

This next part is tough to admit.

I also sensed there was something else holding women back from jumping in. Many of the women I've spoken with have been hustling for weeks to try and make this happen financially.

I asked the Universe for guidance on this one for several days, and it hit me. The original investment was way too high for this experience atthis moment for the women I am serving. 

Over the weekend, I changed the investment of this program from $1,500 to $1,000 or four payments of $250 over four months. That's it. 

I don't know if it's "advisable" for me as an entrepreneur to be this transparent about what's going on behind the scenes of my business - but that's just how I'm wired.

You see, I totally had a little voice inside me questioning whether I should do this, and planting doubt in me. So I did what I've learned to do in these cases. 

I got quiet and I listened.

I have learned to trust my intuition above EVERYTHING else. She has never let me down. Over the weekend, I woke up one morning and I just knew with absolute certainty that this was the right move. This was the way for me to be able to host a badass, beautiful, transformational experience for 10 women entrepreneurs for six weeks starting June 18th. 

And so, I'm not afraid to share with you about the moments when it gets sticky and messy - because it always does. It isn't always perfect and neat from the beginning - although some entrepreneurs make it feel that way - particularly when you're starting something new.

So much of what we'll learn in this mastermind is just this - how to develop your rituals, your anchor, your intuition to tell your story confidently, get clear, and strategize from your deepest truth.

If these words sound true to you, contact me and we'll get you in here. 


It's Here! The Abundant Soul, Online Mastermind

For a long time I had a ton of resistance to creating any kind of experience online. I felt like they could never replicate the intimate, deep, transformational insights and work I helped to facilitate with my in-person experiences.

But the idea kept bubbling up with me, again and again.

It's funny the things we hold back from, the stories we tell ourselves.

Over time, it just became clear. I saw my own B.S. story. I realized I can let go of the resistance. I can do this online program my way.

It will be soulful, deep, strategic, intimate, built on connections, designed to create transformations - and it will happen online. 

And if I was going to go bold, I was going to go big. I am thrilled to announce a program based on the REAL work I've BEEN doing with women.

A good friend recently shared "It's funny how women walk into your workshops and think they're gonna get help with branding."

The truth is there is SO much more. We talk about our shadows and our blocks. We hold ourselves and each other in a supportive light. We do energy work. We believe in what we can accomplish. We  get excited. We shift perspectives and we shift our stories. And then, we can't wait to do everything to keep moving in this direction.

That work is the Abundant Soul, Online Mastermind

For six weeks this Summer, it will be an experience for 10 women ready to dive in.

We start on June 18th. You can learn ALL about it here.


You can do hard things (three magic questions!)

There's always something.

No matter where you are in your journey, there is always a next step that seems scary and unreachable. There's always a moment where your shadows seem to want to take over and do a self sabotage number on you.

The thing is, as long as you are moving forward and growing, that feeling never really goes away. (ok, the hard news is out).  

So what can you control?

How can you know you're moving in the right direction, even if it feels scary?

Here are my own "intuition check" questions that I ask myself every time I'm in a new stage of my business:

1) Is this aligned with the vision & values of my business?
This goes to the core of why you built this thing in the first place and what you stand for. Ask yourself, is this step moving me forward in that direction? 

2) Is this aligned with the way I want to live (or getting me closer to it)?
Think about the kind of business you want to run and what phase of your business you are in, and weigh it against your ideal day. Sometimes you'll need to work harder, but it shouldn't make you feel trapped. 

3) Is it something that won't let you go?
Is there a feeling that keeps coming back, again and again? You keep thinking about it, opportunities surface, helpful people surface? Get quiet and listen in to your intuition. Sounds like you should follow and see where it leads.


A new beginning. It's nice to meet you.

When I started “The Jupiter Circle” in January 2015 it was an agency. An agency was all I knew how to “be”.

The name symbolizes abundance and connections, two ideas that have carried me, long before I could fully live them. 

So much has changed since 2015. I have changed. 

Two and a half years ago I let go of the agency and I have been building my business around the women I want to work with, the things I’m curious and passionate about, the gifts I know I have, the kinds of communities and connections I know are possible.

This stopped being just “a business” a long time ago. This is me. 

And so when the man I love looked me in the eyes a couple of months ago and told me I was hiding under the name “The Jupiter Circle”, I knew he was right. 

The transition began in that moment.  

This week it started to feel really wrong to put  myself out there in anything other than my name. 

This moment is inspired by all the women who I have known and witnessed being more open, closer to their truth, more bold, and infinitely more badass through it. 

And so here I am, living abundance and connection, freaking out a little with of this openness, and still knowing that it is the only option. 

This will continue to be a powerful place for women to own, define and tell their stories. 

We’ll continue to use strategy, branding, energy work, Feng Shui, and sisterhood to get us there. 

There will absolutely be more on how our physical spaces and the energy that surrounds us invites and supports us to step into a higher vision of ourselves, and create our dream lives and businesses. 

There will be deeper work, even more truth. I already feel an even bolder me coming up, so who knows. 

So, hi. I’m Gaby Guzman. It’s nice to meet you. 

Gaby Guzman

Do it for you, not "for the gram"

Do you remember the last time you were doing something that was so fun and amazing that (gasp!), you forgot to capture it on Instagram?

Do you remember what it felt like? The colors? The sounds? The vibe?

We have become so consumed by the ability to share everything in our lives that the platforms have taken over. We are so consumed with sharing moments that we are forgetting to live them.

And of course, it feels overwhelming, like a chore.

I love Instagram, and I often take weekend breaks from it. I force myself to take those breaks especially when I'm doing something particularly stunning. I may take some pictures to share later. but I am committed to living more and being on my phone less. 

I understand there are exceptions to this, but here's the loop that has worked for me: 

  • You put your phone away
  • You live life! 
  • You get inspired
  • You grab your phone and take a few pics/ videos
  • You put your phone away
  • You feel more creative, in flow, you get a million ideas
  • Then you share - with soul, intention, strategy and heart (ideally you also have a scheduling platform as a tool).

I know it's a balance. There's so much pressure to share every single moment and build your brands this way. I also know how my phone can suck me in and I refuse to do life that way. 


If you're interested in a more heart-centered, strategic, not overwhelming way to tell your story, Group Strategy Day on April 17th has three spots left. Join us? 

Tired of letting fear run the show

In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about fear and the creative process. She says we can see our fear, recognize when it's valuable. We can even have a relationship with fear that is healthy, but fear will not be in the driver seat. It has to sit in the passenger seat and it cannot control the radio.

In working with women entrepreneurs I see so many cases of fear running the show. I recognize it because I was there too. 

Three years ago I was starting this business, and I was operating almost exclusively out of a state of freaking the heck out almost all the time.

That's how I made decisions, that's how I accepted work, that's how I reacted when things went wrong. 

Over time, I've become so much more confident and sure of my decisions for my business. I've learned to bank on me. 


Two BIG CLEAR things led me on this path: 

1) Learning to build a business by getting closer to truth, my gifts, my purpose and passions every single day, and

2) Finding a community of soulful, remarkable, inspiring, supportive women going through it with me. 

I've created an 8-week Mastermind program designed around these two magical pieces.

It starts in April and it's going to be amazing. We meet in my home. We vision board, we strategize, we support one another and we hustle in a natural flow for 8-weeks together.

This experience has already been transformational for 18 women. I would love to have you join this next round. 

If this experience is speaking to you, I would love to connect and welcome you to our tribe.

But...do you know how good you *really* are?


I recently asked one of the women in my Mastermind to do something transformational.

Are you ready?

I asked her to pick up the phone and call people she has worked with before and ask them about the experience. (Ok, I asked her to text them before to arrange a time to chat, but yes). 

Does the idea of doing this make you feel weird, a little icky, uncomfortable? And when you listen, do you really listen?

I can honestly say I only started *really* listening last Summer.
It felt weird. I would collect feedback on surveys and read it a little apprehensively. Even if I knew it was positive, it felt strange to hear someone praising me.

And then it it clicked. 

I will only know and own how good I am when I'm able to listen to and receive from the people I'm serving.

I seriously wanna tattoo it on my forehead cause that's how monumental this concept actually is. So what does this mean for you? How can we baby step out of the weirdness of it all?

First, start by not changing the conversation when someone is thanking you or sharing feedback. Force yourself for a few minutes to just listen. When you're ready, build into your process a request for feedback and stick to it. Read the words. Understand those words are meant to remind you of how amazing you are and help you keep getting better.

It feels a little weird, I know. And it's an absolute MUST to be able to step into how good you really are. 

Get Five New Sisters

On the first day of our Masterminds something incredible and transformational happens.

Women walk in excited, a little hesitant, determined to get into action with their business or project and finally speak their truth.

By the end of the day, they also have five new sisters and a soul connection to everyone in the room.

It starts as they each tell their story and they realize we are all the same.

The struggles, the celebrations, the strategies and the ideas somehow are universally relevant. They're taking notes and coming up with ideas as we strategize for everyone in the room.

The stars always align so that the right group of women show up. Together they are so ready to dive in and also so excited to support one another - whether it's feedback, an introduction, coming to their event, or that loving text reminder that gets you moving and in your flow.

There is a sense of knowing that lifting one another up inevitably lifts us all up. I'm honored to host this kind of magic. 

N A T U R E.png

Our April Mastermind dates are now here!

It is an eight-week program and we meet three days:

Tuesday, April 3rd
Tuesday, April 24th
Tuesday, May 22nd

We have group calls, vision boarding parties, and you have access to me the entire period to accomplish your goals and move your dreams forward.

For a period of eight weeks we hustle harder, we get in the flow of telling our stories and seeing the loop of how that grows our business, we get five new sisters. 

Let's chat about getting you in here. :) 

I Don't Have a Formula For You

As an entrepreneur, how many times do you come across Facebook ads all like:

"Do you wanna be rich? Well, do these ten things I did exactly like I did them and you will be!"


I was especially susceptible to this crap when I first started my business. I honestly had no idea what I was doing and thought all I needed was someone to give me "the formula".

But then I got stuck. The ten steps intimidated me rather than empower me. They didn't feel MINE. They did succeed in stripping me of any creativity and individuality. Also, wtf happens when I don't wanna do steps 3, 5 and 8? Does that mean I won't ever succeed?

And so, I have set out to dismantle this B.S.

Here's what you do get when we work together:

1) Strategies. It's different than tactics. It's about an approach and a plan that stands the test of time, based on insights and based on your life. And yeah, no two plans are exactly the same. 

2) Intuition. You get an invitation to a conversation and tools to tap into your own intuition, where you ALWAYS have the answers you need right now.

3) Sisterhood. You get to be part of a community of smart, purpose-driven, kind, soulful women who are going through it with you.


So there you have it. Yeah, it's harder. I don't replicate this stuff. I honor every woman's individuality, gifts, vibe, real life, priorities, and vision. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Interested in a one on one strategy session? Hit up this link and let's chat about it. 

Group Strategy Day is Now Monthly!

Group Strategy Day has jumpstarted businesses, seen the birth of beautiful projects, and hosted the beginning of countless friendships for women entrepreneurs across South Florida since Fall 2016.

Starting this year, you won't need to wait months for your chance to connect with your true calling, define an authentic brand you love, and tell your story with a community that adores you.

Group Strategy Day Workshops will take place every month in 2018! 

One Day.

Six Women Entrepreneurs.

One-on-One Coaching.

A Soulful and Results-Driven Framework.


Real Support.

Are you in?

The next workshop is coming up March 13th (February is sold out!).

Hope to see you there! 

No. More. Crumbs

I was recently walking past an ex boyfriend's house. The thought that came to me was how little I accepted over the course of that relationship. 

Of course, it's complicated. I was truly only willing to accept that little in that moment in my life. I knew (deeeeep down) that there was so much more for me. Back then, I doubted that kind of amazing love even existed. I was accepting just the crumbs of what a relationship could be

Damn, that voice in our head is one, sneaky mofo. 

Replace "love" for following your purpose/ career you've always wanted/ life of your dreams and it's all THE SAME THING. 

I've learned that abundance is something you step into and tune into.

It's not something you "get". Not if you're not ready to receive it. 

I created Abundant Soul, the Experience to help you do just that.


The Abundant Soul experience is soul + strategy. 

  • We meet in your workspace.
  • We use Feng Shui to confidently step into an abundant, intuitive version of you.
  • We strategize on your brand and your content so you are clear and have a real plan that you love

There are only a couple of spots every month for this one-day experience that will wake up the soulful, intuitive boss you are - for good. 

Whether you have an idea for a business, or you're going through a transition after years in business - this experience is for you. 

Take that first step right here.

An Invitation to Step Into your Abundant Soul

Early last year I realized something that shocked and transformed me.

No matter how good my life was or how much money I was making - I was still in an energy of lack. I felt like I deserved just a little bit - of money, success, security, love. I then started to see the same belief with girlfriends and female clients. 

I couldn't un-see it. All I wanted was to turn it around.

I was determined to live from a place of worthiness and abundance - true to Jupiter's very nature. Stepping into this higher vision of myself has transformed my life and my business.

I am so excited to introduce Abundant Soul.

Abundant Soul is a platform to empower women to let go of what's holding us back and create the life we know is ours. 

It's about stepping into a higher vision of ourselves and owning it. It's about the stories we tell about ourselves. It's about being in our truth and receiving all the beauty and prosperity that's coming our way. 

Imagine stepping into that space...for good.

I would love to invite you to the first Abundant Soul, Conversations

Abundant Soul Conversations (1).png

I created these events to have the soulful, meaningful and juicy conversations we need to be having to turn things around in our lives.

On February 1st, join us for an evening with inspiring, remarkable women to discuss what success really means to you, and how you can create your life and business -  your way.

I am beyond excited to welcome the inspiring Josie Castañeda, from Curandera Remedies and Luly B. to our February 1st event, to help lead you in this soulful experience.  

You could leave with the inspiration, idea, or insight that transforms your world this year. 

It's time to own it. It's yours.